What is the Immediate Booking for a Host?

The option “Immediate booking” allows guests to make a reservation with an immediate confirmation without having to wait for the host to confirm the booking. When the guest selects the dates he wishes to travel, enters in the payment information and click on immediate booking button the reservation will be immediately confirmed. The guests will be able to verify which apartment have this option enabled through the presence of the “immediate booking” badge on the property page and in the search results, guests will also be able to filter by apartments that are immediately bookable. As a Host you need to select this feature for each listing by visiting the “immediate booking” within your dashboard.

By selecting this option Host must be aware of the following important information:

  • Any reservation will be automatically accepted and booking confirmed to your guest.
  • Each reservation request is confirmed and reservation can’t be cancelled.
  • You must keep your prices up to date ( even for events like Christmas, Easter and other special events). Having rates not updated won’t be considered a valid excuse to cancel an immediate booking.
  • Calendar must always be kept updated, we are aware that you might have your listing on other portals but not having your calendar up to date is not an excuse to cancel an immediate booking.

VERY IMPORTANT: If you select this option you won’t be able to cancel reservations received in the form of immediate reservation. In the unlikely event that you have to cancel an immediate booking you should immediately get in contact with us sending an email at info@bemate.com or contacting us by phone or chat. The cancellation of an immediate booking will affect negatively the sort order of your listing and Be Mate will charge €50 as a cancellation fee unless the cancellation is justified by unforeseen or uncontrollable circumstances due to major incident, and evidence is provided of this (building works, fire, etc.).

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