How does Be Mate manage the damage deposit for Hosts?

When you rent out your property through Be Mate, you will automatically be protected against any possible damage that may occur to your property. Every booked accommodation is covered up to an insurance sum of 500,000 € against thefts and damages caused to rented property.

Some Hosts reserve the right to require a "Damage Deposit" for the protection of damaged or missing items in the property during the stay. You will be able to set up the damage deposit amount for each Property Listing by visiting Your Listings > Pricing > Damage Deposit.

Be Mate does not handle the payment or reimbursement of the damage deposit. 

The Damage Deposit may be collected as cash, credit card authorization or through Paypal. You will collect the amount on the check in date and you will have to return  it when the guest checks out (as long as nothing is damaged or missing).

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