Eat-in: run away from "empty fridge syndrome"

Did your journey build your appetite? Can't wait to explore the city? Cooking is probably the last thing you want to do while enjoying your holiday. The solution? Use our Eat-in service, and waste no time in the kitchen so you can enjoy your stay to the fullest.

Your only challenge with be deciding among all the delicious options: appetizing breakfast baskets, drinks and snacks, aperitifs and more. Whatever you choose, when you arrive at your apartment, you will find exactly what you need.

Wait ... there's more! Do you want a freshly-cooked burger for dinner? Sushi? Or are you interested in trying some local cuisine? We have the answer for you! With our Room Service you only have to check the menu and tell us what you fancy! Soon after you'll be enjoying your meal in the comfort of your Be Mater apartment.

These extra services have been carefully designed so you’ll never feel faint while fully living the Be Mate experience! Go ahead and enjoy it!

If you would like to use this service please contact your  City Mate.

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