How much do I need to pay for a reservation?

The total amount you will have to pay for your reservation includes the cost of the listing, Guest fees, and the cost of local taxes if those apply to your reservation. All those costs will be always transparent and specified in the booking process, as we don't like hidden costs.

Cost of the Listing

The Host decides the price to pay for its listing: a standard price, a price by weekend, a price by week and a price by month. It is important to always do a search by date because the owner might change its rental rate according to the dates, so the price might increase or decrease depending on the period. However bear in mind that is always the Host to decide its apartment pricing and not Be Mate. The host might also decide to include a cleaning fee for the cleaning of the apartment and also an extra charge for extra guests per night. Last the Host might require a security refundable deposit.


Booking an apartment on Be Mate will have two type of fees:

- Be Mate Guest commission: Be Mate charges a 10% commission to Guest for the use of the platform

- Currency exchange fee: Only in case you are paying in a currency different form the one of the Host you will have to pay an exchange fee (approximately 3%).


You might also be required to pay taxes for your reservation which can be of 2 type:

- Value Added Tax (VAT): guests who reside in the European Union, Switzerland, Norway, Iceland, and South Africa. If you're a resident of the EU, Switzerland, Norway, Iceland, or South Africa, we'll include Value Added Tax in our total guest service fee. Because Be Mate is based in Madrid , we charge VAT at the Spanish rate of 21%.

- Local taxes: based on the location of the host's listing you might be required to pay local taxes, in this case the Host will inform in the check-out about those taxes but Be Mate will not be responsible to collect those amount as the taxes will have to be paid at arrival and not through our platform.

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